2014 Small Boat Storage Form



The NYC Storage Registration program has been implemented to organize, identify and control the small boats and Junior boats/trailers stored on NYC grounds. Each dinghy, inflatable, Laser, kayak, Junior boat (collectively "stored boats"), and Junior trailer stored at NYC must be registered and stickered separately, including dollies. ANNUAL EFFECTIVE DATE: This program commences on the first day of the Commissioned season and ends on Decommissioning day. Renewal applications must be submitted annually. PLACEMENT OF STICKERS: Current year stickers must be displayed on the upper right corner of the transoms of stored boats, and on the front of Junior trailers. STORAGE: The Club Manager shall have final discretion as to where any boats and Junior trailers shall be stored and under what conditions. END OF SEASON REMOVAL: All stored boats and Junior trailers must be removed from NYC grounds within 1 week after Decommissioning (or the end of the Junior program, if applicable), unless they are registered to race in the frostbite racing program. No winter storage is allowed except for boats competing in the frostbite racing program. DELINQUENT BOATS AND JR. TRAILERS: All stored boats and Junior trailers kept at NYC for more than 1 week after decommissioning (or the Junior program, if applicable), or stored on Club premises after June 1st, 2014 without a sticker, shall be deemed delinquent, and shall automatically be subject to an additional storage charge of $10 per week billed directly to that member's account. Stored boats and Junior trailers that are more than 45 days delinquent may be impounded and re-delivered to the member by NYC in its sole discretion at an additional flat rate of $100, which shall be billed directly to that member's account.CONSENT: The Member expressly consents to paying all applicable delinquency storage charges and re-delivery charges under this Program.