Rigging Procedure

1. Remove the pick up buoy from cockpit
- Hook the snap at the end of the nylon lanyard to the wand below the Styrofoam flotation on the pickup buoy
- Remove the safety line from the mast and again using the snap at the end of the lanyard, connect it to the orange wand, same as the pick up buoy's snap. Note which side of the bow the safety line is laying on (port or starboard)
- Throw the pickup buoy with the safety line over the side, this gets the buoy and the line out of your way. It will lay alongside the boat for easy retrieval when it's time to leave the mooring

2. Remove the mainsail and jib covers and stow them in the spinnaker turtle (white mesh bag on the port side)

3. Remove bungee from the tiller by leaving the hooks attached to the rear eyes and sliding the loop off the front of the tiller.

4. Uncoil the mainsheet and lay it on deck.
-Push the boom first to one side and then the other, reaching at least 45 degrees from the centerline on each side, this will pull the mainsheet line through the pulleys and leave enough slack for the main to luff when raising the sail.

5. Slack the boom vang and cunningham, these will be adjusted once the sail is set.

6. Uncoil jib sheets and furling line and leave loose on deck.

7. You are now ready to remove the sail ties and hoist the mainsail.
-As the main goes up, look around and make sure the sail is able to luff freely, that the mainsheet is eased and clear and reefing line is released.
-Make sure the main is fully raised by looking to see that the red or blue
headboard at the top of the sail has reached the masthead.
-Now adjust the outhaul and cunningham.

8. Release the topping lift by unhooking the brass hook from the loop and letting the line go slack. Clip the hook back on the topping lift below the loop so that it can remain slack.
-You are now ready to cast off.

9. Go forward and grab the orange pickup buoy, and bring it up to the bow with you.
-Unsnap the large hook from the bow ring and clip it to the short loop of line on the pickup buoy.
-Allow yourself to drift backwards several feet to clear the mooring ball before setting the jib and trimming the main. Setting the jib soon will be important for steerage and forward movement.