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2017 Sailing Season - We are All Going to Have a Great Time!

Wes Oliver has taken over the chair of the Regatta Committee from Sarah Starkweather. Building on the groundwork laid down last year by Ed and Sarah, the Regatta Committee is again planning a big year this summer.  The number one requirement to really make the program succeed will be to get more member boats participating.

Our Schedule is laid out to provide good spacing between events and contains a mix of fun-competitive and huge participation events. Although the two are not mutually exclusive!

Wednesday Night Sailing, an important NYC franchise, will continue its successful ways.  Wednesday Night Racing will commence on May 24th and run to August 30th.

For weekend Racing we look forward to running our two Trophy Races: the Chanteyman Cup and the Greens Ledge Trophy. These are important Club franchises and races with a lot of history. With continuing participation from club members and members of the Norwalk Islands Sailing Fleet, we hope to get strong turn-out for these events.  Following the change made last year, any entered yacht will be eligible to win these cups. So lets get out there and make sure the title stays at home!

The three member only events promise to be great fun. The Firecracker , the Commodore's Great Pursuit Race and the women's skipper Yellow Rock Trophy all promise to be great events. NYC members, PLEASE come out for these races. Your boat must have a mast and sails, but those are the extent of the requirements! If you are unsure about how to get a rating for your boat, reach out to us and we will all but hand you one.

We will be sure and pump up the social component of all of these races. More details to follow shortly but we will do everything we can to make participation easy. In collaboration with the Adult Sailing Committee we are expecting to have an Ideal-18 start for each event to get everybody together.

For all registration look for both Wednesday Nights and Weekend Racing on

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