Get all the benefits of one-design sailboat ownership, without any of the hassles of maintenance! Norwalk Yacht Club's Ideal 18 / Adult Sailing Program offers Program Members a full range of sailing activities; from recreational day sailing to competitive one-design racing as well as social activities and clinics taught by first rate sailing instructors.

Our location in Wilson Cove, South Norwalk affords easy access to Long Island Sound and the scenic Norwalk Islands.

All skippers, for recreational and competitive usage, need to be certified by a Member of the Club on how to operate the 18's and navigate the local waters. For more information, please contact the Ideal 18 Hotline at (203) 866-7270 (leave a message and we will call you back) or email

Non Club-member Participation
Norwalk Yacht Club allows non-Club members with previous sailing experience, to become certified and participate in the program for two years. We encourage you to join the program as a way to get to know the club, its Members. Email for more information.

The Racing calendar accommodates a range of skills and experience levels. Racers can compete in the Thursday night non-spinnaker series, Friday afternoon casual racing, and the more competitive Sunday spinnaker series culminating in the Founder's Cup regatta at the end of the season. We also have a Tuesday evening Team Racing series in June with New York YC and other local Ideal 18 clubs.

All races are followed up by a round of Camaraderie and discussion on the deck of the Club, where we exchange views about what happened out there with your fellow competitors.

Recreational Sailing
Boats can be reserved in 4-hour blocks, except when in use by another area of the Program. The Norwalk Islands and surrounding coastal areas offer many opportunities for the casual sailor and our location in Wilson Cove provides easy access.

Sailing Basics Program
These coed classes are for people already acquainted with sailing. The goal is to learn and practice the skills needed to become a certified Ideal 18 skipper. Chalk talks, hands-on practice and debriefing are part of every lesson taught by a first rate instructor. Eight, three hour classes will be held on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 PM beginning in early June.

Women's Racing Program
These classes provide women interested in racing, a professional coach who will help them fine tune their skills and practice teamwork. Strategy discussions and hands-on practice will be the essential ingredients. The classes will be held on Tuesday afternoons at 1:30 PM starting in late June.

Clinics are scheduled regularly throughout the season on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings to accommodate members work schedules, and cover such topics as boat handling, spinnaker handling and elements of racing tactics. Learn more by clicking on Calendar in the left-hand margin.

Mentoring Program
This is a Sunday morning program, established to give almost-ready-to-be-certified sailors an opportunity to get some practice on the tiller to help them reach certification. Call 203 866 7270 to reserve a time.