2015 Gillespie Regatta Registration

The Gillespie Regatta

Norwalk Yacht Club

August 1, 2015


Regatta Registration


Sail Number: _____________________Yacht Club Affiliation: __________________


Skipper’s Name: _____________________________ Phone: ____________________


Skipper’s Address: ______________________________________________________


Skipper’s Email Address__________________________________________________


Crew’s Name: ______________________________ Phone: _____________________


Crew’s Address: ________________________________________________________


Crew’s Email Address____________________________________________________


$70 Entry Fee (per boat) Payable to Norwalk Yacht Club ________________

Check # _____________


WAIVER and RELEASE: In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I hereby agree that the safety of my boat and her crew, and the decision whether or not to start or continue to race, is my responsibility and not that of any person sponsoring or undertaking such race.  I hereby forever and irrevocably waive, release and discharge any and all clams, liability, loss, or damages, including but not limited to claims for property damage, personal injury or death, which I may have or in the future acquire against the Norwalk Club, its officers, governors, members, employees or agents, out of or in any way connected with my participation in any race or other activity sponsored or undertaken by any of them, even though such liability may arise out of their negligence or carelessness. I understand that serious accidents occasionally occur during sailboat racing, and that participants in sailboat racing occasionally sustain mortal or serious personal injuries and/or property damage as a consequence, and I knowingly assume all the risks of sailboat racing. I agree that this waiver is binding on my heirs, representatives, successors and assigns.


I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing.



Skipper’s Signature: _________________________________ Date: _______________



Crew’s Signature: ___________________________________Date: _______________


Send to:  Ellen Bobka, Norwalk Yacht Club, Nathan Hale Drive, South Norwalk, CT 06854