NYC Clubhouse

The clubhouse renovation was completed in 2014 and available on extended hours to all NYC members.  The renovation features new men’s and ladies rooms, a new galley, a new foyer with trophy cases, a new meeting room, and a new bar area with fireplace.  In addition, there are 2 new rooms upstairs.  The “sail loft” is a general-purpose room for use by all members.  The “office” is a room for club committee members to use for event planning and other office needs.  See link below for copy of clubhouse usage guidelines:

NYC Club Usage Guidelines-2017

Landscaping will be performed weather permitting this spring to enhance the exterior of the appearance of the club.

The club apartment renovation has been completed for use by the General Manager.

Come on down and see the new club, and relax on the deck and enjoy this boating season.