December 2017 – From the Helm

Fellow Members, 

The winter season at our Club is off to a roaring start. Frostbiting is enjoying good weather so far. The new, volunteer constructed, Race Shack with its rooftop starting platform has saved the growing fleet from numerous general recalls. And, all are enjoying the post-race social hour. Many members attended the DSPS Holiday reception this past Sunday and all are invited to the DSPS lecture series as it unfolds through the winter. There will be an information session on a Master’s licensing program this week, a planning meeting for big boat racing in 2018 this coming weekend, the traditional family Holiday party on Sunday the 17th and a spectacular New Year’s Eve Party. Do take advantage of all that Norwalk Yacht Club has to offer this Holiday Season.

I will miss seeing you all at the events later this month as I leave on December 13th for Australia and the Rolex Sydney to Hobart race. Although sad to miss the Holiday season at home and at the Club I am of course excited about the opportunity to notch one more of the world’s great 600 milers. Particularly this one as it is so far away and so storied. The Race starts on Boxing Day – December 26th. Follow us in the Cookson 50 Triple Lindy on the race tracker at

In addition to the events I listed above there is a Membership Open House on Sunday the 10th. The Membership Committee, led by Chair Beth Kinney, is hard at work. The Board elected two new members at its November meeting and voted to post four more applications. This a promising start to Fiscal Year 2018 and we need to keep prospecting for folks who enjoy being on the water as much as we do and who can add to Club life. Did you know that typically the Club experiences more than ten resignations each year? These are just routine: “I’ve moved away, I’ve sold my boat”, etc., but they do put pressure on us to keep reaching out to recruit new Members.

To that end you will notice a few “awareness pieces” about the Club in local media outlets this coming month. We are NOT advertising for members but we are making the broader community aware of programs like the Junior Program and Adult Sailing that are open to non-members. These programs are a great way for people to learn about the Club and be introduced to all we have to offer our Membership. The Ideal-18 Program (Adult Sailing) in particular has been a historically strong source of new Members. If you know folks who might be interested in these Programs, do put them in touch with Sailing Director Sam Jones or with Junior Chairs Will Beery and Garrett Friedrichsen or Adult Sailing Chair Doug Stowe. And, as always, our best source of new Members is you, our existing Membership.

Christine and I wish each of you the best of Holidays seasons and I look forward to catching up after I get back from Hobart!

Edward R. Cesare