Fast…or Slow?

June 13, 2014: Fast…or Slow? Regardless of how you like to approach boating, there is a lot going on around Norwalk Yacht Club.

If racing a sailboat is what makes your heart beat a little faster, you’ll appreciate that, for the first time in many years, Norwalk Yacht Club will have a team entered in the Newport-Bermuda Race, which departs Friday, June 20th. Rear Commodore Ed Cesare’s Pleiad Racing, Geoff Beringer’s Gadzooks and Bill Klein’s Glim will each compete within their own divisions, and as a 3-boat team for the H. Irving Pratt Trophy.

Ed has sailed many bluewater miles and competed at the highest level, and this year will take on the Newport-Bermuda Race in the double-handed division, a unique challenge. Geoff knows the way to Bermuda…he won his class in the 2011 Marion-Bermuda Race, and won the whole shooting match in the 2013 event. And this will be the first trip into the Onion Patch for Bill Klein, but he has sharpened his crew for ocean racing, with participation in races like the Marblehead-Halifax last season. We’ve got three sailors that are well-poised to bring some glory to the shores of Wilson Cove, as they’ll sail under the Norwalk Yacht Club burgee is this high-profile event. You’ll be able to follow the progress of Pleiad, Gadzooks and Glim in real time, by logging onto starting Friday, 6/20.

There are some who enjoy their time on the water a little more casually, and believe me, nearly every racing sailor has had a day out on the water that he wonders if they don’t have the right idea! Our cruising members, with the help of Past Commodore Janis Kaiser, have gotten organized and are putting together a plan of easy-going weekends and longer gatherings in nearby harbors. The group is planning a casual get-together on the deck on Friday, June 20th, and invite all members to participate. This is a chance to cruise-with-a-purpose, and in the end, enjoy some cockpit or beach time with fellow members and a beautiful sunset. There’s no official Chairperson for the Cruise Committee yet (how about you?), but reach out to Janis for more info.

One of the wonderful qualities of the Norwalk Yacht Club is that it is home to so many different kinds of boaters. This summer is a living testament to that.