Laissez les bons temps rouler

OK, I admit it, I had to search the web to get that right, but it means, in French (or maybe more appropriately, Cajun), "Let The Good Times Roll."  And nothing could be more appropriate for our new Clubhouse.
Our Entertainment Committee, headed by Chef Louisa Lima, is really delivering on the promise of a busy clubhouse, since its opening in January.  A couple weeks ago, they put on a Mardi Gras celebration that was waaaaay too much fun.  The food was terrific, it drew a big crowd, and there were smiles everywhere.  And my wife Babette got one of the three hidden babies, baked into the traditional King Cake!  Louisa and the committee are far from done:  They're working on the Saint Patrick's Day Celebration for Saturday, March 15, and there are all kinds of different events appearing on the Club Calendar on the website.  Whether a fancy party with food and drink, an afternoon of seasonal crafts like their planned kite making session, or a simple gathering for a movie and potluck dinner, there is something to do in our new Clubhouse practically every weekend--and that's just between now and Commissioning!
To that, we've set Sunday, May 4th as the official commissioning of Norwalk Yacht Club for the 2014 season.  We are planning a particularly special Commissioning this year, and I hope you'll plan to attend, and, if you're a boat owner, to dress ship.  We'll have some communication with you soon, to help you get what you need to properly do that, and Club General Manager David Lowe has laid in a good supply of Club Burgees, to make sure you've got the right one for your boat, and can display it proudly.
There is an update to the website in the works, from Steve Mason and the Communications committee, mooring registration about to kick off, Junior Sailing is signing up kids to fill up our program, and Mike Ramsey's House committee continuing to fit out our clubhouse.  It feels real good, after this rugged winter, to feel so much focus on the spring.  The good times, in any language, are ahead, at Norwalk Yacht Club.
Kirk Stirland