The Digital Realm

Along with the terrific new Clubhouse, that is taking shape on our waterfront on Wilson Point, there is other construction occurring that will affect club life for years to the digital realm: A new communications strategy, that will feature a new website and Facebook presence. Now, you'll be able to enjoy pictures, stories and even video that members will be invited to put up, in a constantly changing web environment.
Your committee leaders will be using the website to inform you of what's coming up, and what just happened. If you're reading this, you've found our Facebook page or new website, which is the first step. Now, it's your turn! Visit the site regularly, and take a shot at adding comments and pictures to our Facebook presence. As you probably know, when you do, friends of the Norwalk Yacht Club will be alerted, thus showing off the many going-ons at the Club, which points to its vitality. Plus, it's fun! Thanks for checking in, and I'll look forward to seeing your posts soon at